T-shirts (Full Size Print)

The She Cried’s premium T-shirts with a full-size print drenched in melacholy.

Full-Size print T-shirts are a bit expensiver, because they are a bit uniquer.  They will cover your upper body with an impression and expression of intense emotion that will leave your social incrowd and innocent bypassers with awe and wonder.  (And if not, you can always point them to the ‘The She Cried’ logo on the sleeve to show how special this t-shirt is.)

Bernard: Old wine is good wine
Manny: Yes, but expensive wine is good wine also
Bernard: Yes, but the older the wine is, the gooder  it is
Manny: Ah, but by the same token the more expensive the wine, then the gooder it is also.

–Black Books,

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Showing all 3 results