Neck Gaiters

Most fashionistas have forgotten the origin of the neck gaiter. They actually originate from a local custom of the Yanomami natives in Brazil who used to wear baby caimans round their neck to protect themselves from evil spirits and portuguese tourists. When the American Anthropologist Zacharia Waterman first discovered a Yanomami tribe, he mistakingly identified the animal as an alligator. A drawing of a young yanomami woman wearing the caiman, published in his book ‘My trip to the Amazon forest (+ 17 recipes for Spaghetti Bolognese)’ in 1864, started a hype in the Florida High-Society. Women started wearing baby alligators at parties. After a few unfortunate accidents (including the disappearing of Elspeth Cumquat, daughter of tobacco salesman), the Florida Neckgator act declared the wearing of live animals around body parts illegal. Since then neckgaiters are mainly made of cloth or candy.

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