Why would you register?

Well, obviously we would like you to register, because we want to know who are customers are. And we want to keep in touch with you so you buy more of our wonderful designs.
But what’s in it for you? Well, three simple things:

  1. The ease of not having to fill out all your personal data with each purchase you do in our shop. Just login in and we fill out your address details. We even given you an overview of all your previous orders.
  2. The option to subscribe to our newsletter. Don’t worry, once you’re on the mailing list, we will not spam you. And we won’t share your email with third parties. But you will be the first to know about every new campaign we start. Hell, we may even trow in some coupon codes for our loyal customers.
  3. You get a gift! Everyone who registers gets the short story ABRUPT by Frank Robben as a e-book for free.