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Blue moon Sales

The She Cried Blue Moon Sales

Blue moon sales from October 30 to November 1

The bleeding hearts and artists don’t get wild over pumpkins and scary children knocking on their door. We get lost in butterflies, belltowers and a blue moon. Since once in a blue moon, butterflies will descend over us, bells will ring and all our dreams come true. And if not… it’s a perfect night to sit outside, watch the moon and feel weary and shallow.
If we all sit outside and watch the moon… some connection is bound to manifest.

Each blue moon will be celebrated by The She Cried. This weekend (Oct 30-Nov 1) we will hold our first Blue Moon Sales. Since we’re only recently in business will start the 2020 blue moon sales with some moderate discounts:

5 % on all T-shirts & tops and hoodies
10 % on all accessories & coffee mugs
15 % on all dresses.

Don’t forget there’s also free shipping if you order over 25€ (*) .

Have a mellow Blue Moon. Mumble along with tear stained eyes:

Blue Moon
You saw me standing alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own
Blue Moon
You knew just what I was there for
You heard me saying a prayer for
Someone I really could care for

– Blue Moon – Lorenze Hart / Richard Rodgers

Or what the heck. Eat some pumpkin pie and scare your neighbour.

The She Cried

(*) Free shipping limits vary in different regions. The 25€ limit is for USA and most of europe. Check out the exact regions & limits on our printing, shipping & logistics page

The accompanying image was taken from the design for the ‘I didn’t mean to hurt you’- T-shirt.
The image was created from original photographs by Frank Robben (berlin backdrop),  freddie marriage on Unsplash (man in window) and mark roy on flickr/wikimedia (blue moon)

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World, are you ready for The She Cried?

Are you ready?

Are you ready? Because we are. Our shop is getting fuelled with splendid t-shirts, dresses, mugs, backpacks… We’ve set up the facebook page and shop. We’re about to launch our first campaign. So … where are you, bleeding hearts and artists? How can we reach the melancholic, proud loners and losers? Where are you hiding for this environment that doesn’t seem to understand you? What do we need to do to unite you through our shop and products. How can we make this into a movement where you can feel at home? How can we bring solace and comfort, and a little smile on your face.

Because The She Cried is ready. World, are you ready for The She Cried?

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Cheer Up, My melancholic friends

As we are awaiting the next blue moon on october 31, The She Cried is preparing to show it’s face to the world. Our website is alive. Our designers our sluggishly adding content. We pinged some of our closest friends to remind them of our existence. But mainly we are still slumbering in the comfortable gloom of our well nourished oblivion.

“Dream on, old man,” the youngsters dismissed, secretly hoping that The She Cried would always remain ‘their’ brand. The She Cried would always connect them. The bleeding hearts and artists. The melancholic losers, loners and dreamers. “Dream on, old man,” they thought, secretly hoping that there were so many like them out there. And The She Cried could connect them.

‘No more!” he growled with exalted gestures and flumes scattering through the air. “The She Cried shall be! And it shall be grand! It shall be everywhere! From the far corners of the universe, creatures and ectoplasmic beings will dauntlessly embark on a quest to obtain the latest vendibles from our fine company. They will slaughter and slay in blood and dismay and pay prices unheard of since the beginning of time, just to behold our latest designs, unknowingly that they can simply order them online. Kings, Queens, Tsar and Emperors will desire nothing more than to parade in their palaces where there new clothes which they acquired through our facebook page. You will see my dear friends, my beloved foes, the fashion industry is no more. Long live The She Cried!”

Dream on. Once in a blue moon….

The She Cried will be there

Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay