About Us

The She Cried is a brand created by the AmazeTheWorld team.

AmazeTheWorld is a family of writers, actors, designers, photographers, painters, teachers, scientists and nerds. Basically we’re all of that but nothing really. You could call ‘The She Cried’ a hobby that got out of hand. But then again, we’re too damn serious to call this a hobby. We are committed to delivery supreme quality in our products and our service. You’re damn right we are!

The She Cried was the name of the fictional rock-band I wanted to conquer the world with. I wrote lyrics for a number of albums. Only, I can’t sing. I can’t play any instrument. Let alone that I would find anyone who would want to form a band with me. So while that dream died, the name lingered.
If you find some ‘The She Cried’-lyrics on this site, don’t go looking for the songs on spotify, deezer or apple music. It’s just me recycling some lyrics from my youth. On the other hand, if you got a nameless band playing lyricless songs, maybe we can make a deal.

Interested in the people behind AmazeTheWorld? Check out our MotherSite https://amazetheworld.be. You’ll find out more about our other creative exploits such as theatre and writing. We’ll even point you to some books and plays you can actually buy.

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